Positive Behaviour for Learning


What is Positive Behaviour For Learning (PBL)?

PBL is a school-wide approach to recognise, teach and promote consistent positive behaviours that ensure a safer and more productive learning environment for our students. As this is a school-wide approach, it means that there is consistency between classrooms, teachers, teacher aides, specialist teachers, as well as relief teachers, other school staff and visitors of what each school expectation looks like, how it is taught, rewarded and how behavioural issues are managed. The PBL program is a part of many schools across Queensland and is supported by the Queensland Department of Education.

Our School Expectations

Our school-wide expectations are to “Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe”. These expectations are displayed on posters and signs throughout all classrooms and school buildings. These expectations are taught through lessons that are delivered to students in their classrooms, as well as during school assemblies, and are recognised through our rewards system. We look at data collected from our teachers as to which areas of behaviour or social-emotional learning we need to focus our PBL lessons on. The wider community is made aware of our expectations through the weekly PBL section in the school newsletter.

Behaviour Expectations

The school’s expectations provide teachers and students with a consistent framework of the behaviours that we want to see in our school. When managing more challenging behaviours, there is a school-wide framework for teachers and other staff to refer back to, to ensure that challenging behaviours are dealt with in a consistent manner. You will find a copy of our Student Code of Conduct​.

PBL Rewards System

The school has systems for rewarding positive behaviour. Inside the classroom, students are rewarded for displaying exceptional behaviour by receiving stickers for their rewards chart. Once they have completed their sticker chart, they progress to the next chart, and are recognised at assembly. Students progress through the charts to receive a bronze, silver, gold, or 100 pin that identifies that a student has displayed consistent positive behaviour throughout the school year. Outside in the playground, positive behaviour is recognised by the rewarding of Gotchas, which then are placed in special box in the library, and are drawn out each week, with one student from each year level receiving a tuckshop voucher for a Zooper Dooper.

School Mascot

Our school mascot is Robbie Roo. He was selected through a student competition and vote as the school was starting up the PBL process. You will see him, and his friends, displayed around the school, in classrooms, and in school publications and media.

Last reviewed 09 September 2021
Last updated 09 September 2021