BYO iPad Program


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Robertson State School's Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad program includes over 90% of students.  This program is in line with our school Annual Improvement Plan and Digital Futures strategic direction. All Students from Year 1 to Year 6 are encouraged to bring a personal iPad to school every day to assist in their learning.  Students in Prep begin to bring their iPads at the beginning of Term 3, and there is a BYO iPad information session for Prep parents at the end of Term 2.

IPads are used within the classroom as a way to enhance student learning by allowing teachers and students to create, collaborate, research, and present learning in new and creative ways. These devices allow information and resources to be shared quickly, with less paper waste, and encourages the development and use of a range of 21st Century critical and creative thinking skills, as well as developing digital fluency skills that students will take with them to be digitally literate members of society in the future.

Key information and documents can be found on the right hand side of this page and below.

Apps lists are updated each year, with students learning to use a range of apps in each year level. Most apps are free, although some will require payment to buy the app.  If you set up Family Sharing on your children's iPads, you will only need to pay for these apps once.  Some apps are a part of our school subscriptions (e.g. Mathletics, Literacy Planet), and are paid for through the School Resource Scheme, which you pay for at the start of each year.  Students who have not paid for the Resource Scheme will not have access to the subscription-based apps.

iPad keyboards for Years 2 - 6 in 2023 

In 2023, we encourage students in Years 2 - 6 to bring a physical iPad keyboard to school to assist with ease of typing. While these are not on the booklist for 2023, physical iPad keyboards help with typing proficiency, accuracy and speed.

What is a physical iPad keyboard?

This is a physical iPad keyboard that attaches directly to the iPad itself (and not just through a cable) Apple’s own iPad keyboard is one such device and many more from other manufacturers exist.

What about NAPLAN in 2023?

We especially ask that parents of Years 3 and 5 consider a physical iPad keyboard for their child as they will have an advantage when sitting NAPLAN assessment. Many typing mistakes can be avoided when typing on a physical keyboard and not the on-screen iPad virtual keyboard. For more advice please contact Mrs Ennis (in the Library) or myself for assistance.

Please ensure your child has a device from this list below. 

Acceptable devices

Please note that the only acceptable device is an Apple iPad from the list below.

Please note that no Android devices will be accepted.

  • TypeGenerationSize
    iPad  Fifth  9.7" 
    iPad  Sixth  9.7" 
    iPad  Seventh  10.2" 
    iPad  Eighth  10.2" 
    iPad  Ninth  10.2" 
    iPad  Tenth10.9"
    iPad Air  Third  10.5" 
    iPad Air  Fourth  10.9" 
    iPad Air  Fifth  10.9" 
    iPad Pro 12.9"  First  12.9" 
    iPad Pro 12.9"  Second  12.9" 
    iPad Pro 12.9"  Third  12.9" 
    iPad Pro 12.9"  Fourth12.9"
    iPad Pro 12.9"  Fifth12.9"
    iPad Pro 12.9"  Sixth  12.9" 
    iPad Pro 9.7"  First / Only  9.7" 
    iPad Pro 10.5"  First / Only  10.5" 
    iPad Pro 11"  First  11" 
    iPad Pro 11"  Second  11" 
    iPad Pro 11"  Third  11" 
    iPad Pro 11"  Fourth 11"

All iPads need to be able to be upgraded to the current operating system: iOS14.2. If they cannot be upgraded to this operating system, some of the apps and features may not work properly.

It may be necessary to purchase a new iPad if:

1. The iPad is not able to be updated to the latest iOS

2. The battery will not keep a charge for more than 5 hours

3. The display stops detecting touch and gestures, or if it stops working properly - a fully functioning touch sensitive display is required for the iPad to be used correctly


Students are only allowed to bring an Apple iPad. Please note that no Android device will be accepted at school.


2023 App Lists

Attached is an updated App list for 2023. Most Apps are free, with a few paid Apps that are used across the school in each year level. It is essential that these Apps are loaded on to student iPads in preparation for the 2023 school year to ensure full engage​ment with class activities.

​ 2023 App list.pdf

Please also take some time over the holidays to do some housekeeping on your child's iPad.

· Back up all photos, files and other data

· Ensure the iPad is fully updated

· Download all required Apps for your child's year level, as well as all whole-school Apps

· Remove any unnecessary Apps (or move them into a 'home' folder to minimise distractions at school)


Your child's iPad is a learning tool for school and should be brought to school from the first day of term, ready for learning.

Last reviewed 19 January 2023
Last updated 19 January 2023